A Thai Lunch at Suan Silp Baan Din, Ratchaburi – Thailand

Thetraveljunkie.org – While I was in Ratchaburi, I went to a Thai lunch at the Suan Silp Baan Din. The place is an arts centre nestled peacefully in a mango tree orchard.

From the outside, it looked pretty unassuming, boring and plain.

But taking a step inside, and we were greeted with an eclectic mix of retro furniture, ethnic materials, funky bits and pieces, vintage this and that, 60’s and 70’s tune.

It had a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. I like it immediately!

Baan Din means a clay hut, is both a performance venue and an institute for performing art.

We arrived at 12.30pm. It wasn’t busy or noisy. The waitstaff were friendly.

And here’s what we ate:

The food we ate was very Thai, fresh, light, tasty and delicious.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I adored the interior, the atmosphere and the vibe. We left feeling really good that we didn’t over-stuff ourselves and very happy about our overall experience.

I will definitely be back!

Suan Silp Baan Din
90 moo 5 Jed-Samian
Potharam 70120


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