Boomnetting Aboard the Cruise in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area

from monkey mia with our aristocat 2 | taken with Sony NEX-7 – While we were in Perth, we went to check out the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

We were guests of the Western Australia Tourism Board, who recommended we visited the attraction and kindly gave us complimentary passes.

From Perth we fly 850 kilometers north to Monkey Mia, a wonderful resort area in Shark Bay.

A heavenly combination of desert and beaches, this is the land where the ancestors call.

rock n roll aristocat 2 | taken with Sony NEX-7

relax at boomnetting | taken with Sony NEX-7

And, when I went on a cruise ship in Shark Bay. Nearing the end of our sea cruising, the captain allowed some of us to jump on a net attached to the rear of the moving boat to experience a boomnetting ride.


“Lie on a net attached to a boat and hold on to the ropes as tightly as possible as the vessel drags you along at speed. Whatever happens, donโ€™t lose your grip. Not even when you feel like youโ€™re about to lose your swimming trunks.” said Dalih on

another sunny day | taken with Sony NEX-7

white christmas | taken with Sony NEX-7

Overall cruise with Monkey Mia Yacht Charters was an outstanding experience!

We all had a great time. It was engaging, interesting, and very impressive.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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