Crazy, Classic and Glam with Converse – Inspired by Chuck Taylor, these shoes are crazy, classic and glam enough to make me weep.

In 1923, Chuck Taylor traveling across America inspiring youth, coaching clinics, and spreding his love for the game with this shoes.

They’re such a great, simply, playful combination… just kind of stuck on your feet.

Uuum. They stand out a bit. They don’t seem to “match” any outfits in my wardrobe, but I think that’s the fun of it.

Just wear them with skinny jeans. Or short jeans. Or with any dress for ladies and enjoy the statement-ness of it.

I wore them out to a travel show the other night. They were comfortable too.

I just love it when people swoon over my shoes and then I get to tell them. It’s like I’m sharing precious girl secrets haha…

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