Dodola Islands Crawling

dodola crawling. | photo by Adrian Mulya – The other day, we traveled to North Halmahera to explore the islands culture and private islands.

We started our trip in the capital Morotai and hopped on a leak boat to the northern islands.

After exploring the pasific ocean on our boat, we ended up between dodola islands, two tiny islands with great spots.

While we loved the relaxed vibe and tasty local food, the highlight of our trip was yet to come.

Dodola Islands is home to the beautiful “travel junkies camp” where we met some locals who introduced us to the well-hidden beaches of the area.

What should be the relaxed end to an exciting journey, culinary delights prepared by the local chef Rahung, and new friends.

summer blowing island. | photo by Adrian Mulya

broken barbie style. | photo by Adrian Mulya

gold in them islands. | photo by Adrian Mulya

waltz for travel junkies. | photo by Adrian Mulya

We spent our entire days in the water, only interrupted by short stints to the ‘yoga parlour’, and grilled fish or just passed out for a couple of minutes of sheer positive exhaustion.

Well, the weird thing is that after a certain time of travelling around, you start to ask yourself, where is home? Its a weird feeling but not a bad one.

We totally agreed – the more places you explore, the smaller the world seems to get.

And, sometimes you have this feeling of home while sitting on tiny wood chairs at the side of a Dodola Islands dock, listening a song of local musician at 38C – just because you met the right people. I miss you guys!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. I agree with you that the more places you visit, the smaller the world feels. What a fun place Dodola Islands are! The beaches look like a perfect place for us to hang out with our little kids, but traveling to get there sounds a bit long for them. Bummer!

    • It’s ok for hang out with kids. You can rent a speedboat from morotai and don’t forget bring some food. This is a private island. Enjoy your Dodola Islands! 🙂

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