Fremantle Urban Adventure

bella statue at bathers beach. the freedom to be who you are and to enjoy what is. – One morning at Esplanade Hotel, The City of FremantleWestern Australia. I woke up at 6am.

I turned my alarm off and sat up in bed. I blinked and saw that it was pitch black outside. The street lights were still on. The stars were still out in the sky.

I got up and changed into my walking gear, in the dark. I ate my Freo breakfast.

My friends and I participated in a ‘Fremantle Urban Adventure‘ walking tour has been arranged. It was FANTASTIC!

our destinations.

big wheel and big blue sky.

bon scott statue at fishing boat harbour park.

the fishermen statue at fishing boat harbour.

Explore the fascinating sights and learn about the history which makes The City of Frementle one of Australia’s most exciting and appealing cities.

You must be knowledgeable in the history or heritage of the area you wish to conduct walking tours of and you must love being an ambassador for your town. You also must be a β€˜people person,’ with a friendly personality and a welcoming demeanor. – Ryan Zaknich

stunning view from the round house.

a typical street in fremantle, view from the round House.

Skirting along Fishing Boat Harbor, we arrived at Bathers Beach, which we walked along to get to the Round House, known as the oldest building still standing in Western Australia.

another likely story.

a sign for conservation of a heritage place commercial.

above you, get up, stand up.

Then, moving along through the city’s wide and clean streets, hemmed in by heritage buildings, we took a shortcut through a flea market before arriving at the Fremantle Prison.

jesus walk with me.

welcome to the fremantle prison.

Finally the 2 hour tour concluded at the Fremantle Market.

We all had a fantastic time.

I love you, Freo. Kisses, mwah!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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