Inside The Baduy Dalam Indigenous Fashion Boom – The trips and outfits that have made the biggest mark on men’s style. And, this’s Narja. My best friend from Cibeo Village, Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy). I took this photos at Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy) on the very first day of my trip.

The Baduy or Kanekes are divided into two sub-groups; the Baduy Dalam and the Baduy Luar.

No foreigners were allowed to meet the Baduy Dalam, though the Baduy Luar do foster some limited contacts with the outside world.

We met at Ciboleger. And, he took us to our 4 hours of trekking (Gajeboh route) with my muscle cramps to his village, Baduy Dalam.

We have to walked through the jungle going up and down the hill. Some of the road, if not most, has really extreme elevation degrees, 60-70 degrees.

It was unforgettable trip!

I was exhausted by the end of the trip. I had been out shooting all day and I was ready to pause to the Baduy Dalam – but when I turned the river and saw this young man dressed in all black, covered in an indigenous fashion and sporting a haircut worthy of Guido Palau – the energy I had been rapidly loosing rushed back through me.

It all photos I like to look back on now. It reminds me to keep pushing myself and to keep looking for that next thing I might stumble upon around an unassuming corner.

Whoaaa! I loved Baduy Dalam and the people.

Wonderful Indonesia!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. Pakaian Narja bagus sekali! Saya pikir menarik juga jika diadaptasi dalam industri fashion yang lebih luas, melengkapi tren linen yang juga sedang berkembang untuk men’s style.

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