Ride An Old-Style Bandung’s Double-Decker Tour Bus

Thetraveljunkie.org – Bandung’s iconic red double-decker buses or BANDROS – short for Bandung Tour on the Bus is actually one the most convenient, inexpensive, and fun ways to get around the city.

Here’s why you need to add a double-decker bus ride to your next Bandung itinerary.

When I stayed in Harris Ciumbuleuit. I met the Bandung Tour on The Bus and settled in for the nearly 1-hour drive around the city.

Along the way, the tour guide pointed out places of interest and told us about life, histories and culture in Bandung.

Onboard BANDROS, I was to sit on the top deck, which is convertible and has more sitting spaces, and on the first floor, which has fewer seats available.

Tips ride a Bandung Tour on the Bus:

01). If you sit on the top deck. Be CAREFUL with cables and trees!

02). Pack up ponchos or a raincoat for rainy days so you will still be able to sit on the upper deck.

The interior of the bus is lovely, adorned with some great details including wooden flooring, metal railings and colorful mosaic windows.

It was definitely a fantastic experience!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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