The Chemistry Between Borneo – Sharing a spectacular view from Tarakan to Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. We spotted this beautiful landscape of sunset and deep gold sky over Borneo. It was FREAKING PERFECTOOOO!!! This picture is part of Discover Derawan Islands blog series:

Like Dr. Biruté in the Camp Leakey Borneo – A few months ago, I was invited to the glamourous travel to Indonesia with International Travel Bloggers. Tanjung Puting National Park, home to the largest wild population of Orangutans. Orangutan is a combination of two words: Orang (person)… Continue Reading

6 Things You Can Do To Preserve Sea Turtles & Environment in Derawan Islands – In order to preserve Turtle and enabling our comfort environment, we expect visitors to adhere the following notions. Here are six things you can do to preserve sea turtles and environment in Derawan Islands:

Top 21 Travel Songs in Discover Derawan Islands – Travel Junkie Indonesia has chosen 21 of the most inspiring travel songs in Derawan Islands trips. Music helps us connect to others-to fellow travel junkies who might share our taste in songs and to locals who might not… Continue Reading

Discover Derawan Islands – I have some very exciting news to share! I have been invited to attend Discover Derawan islands in early March, in a trip sponsored by And I’m SO GOING! We took a 6 day trip to Derawan… Continue Reading

Rock You Like A Travel Junkie In Sangalaki Island – I love a good holiday! The perfect spot for endless summer nights in wonderful islands. Enjoying his meditation with the mindheart-blowing view from the Sangalaki Island, Derawan Islands – East Kalimantan. Sangalaki is the world capital of Mantas.

Postcards From Pangkalan Bun– I have some pretty cool postcards to share! City tour in Pangkalan Bun. And I’m SO GOING! If Kalimantan ran a ‘Tidy Towns’ contest Pangkalan Bun would leave the opposition in its dust, which it would have to import… Continue Reading

Quality of Life From Kalimantan to Sulawesi – Found the meaning of life yet? One for the travel junkies, this 2700 – oddkilometre route takes in the Orangutans of magical Tanjung Puting National Park and the Dayaks of Kalimantan’s interior, before skipping over to Sulawesi for… Continue Reading

Top 10 Adventures in Indonesia – Indonesia is full of things to do for outdoor adventure travelers with mountains, rain forests, coral reefs, beaches and unique wildlife. Being an island there are plenty of water sports including surfing, white water rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing,… Continue Reading

6 Days Exploring Tanjung Puting National Park– I have some pretty cool itinerary to share! I have been invited to attend Familiarization Trip Tanjung Puting National Park. Yes, it was AMAZING! Tanjung Puting National Park is one of Indonesia’s highlights, and not just because of the enigmatic… Continue Reading