20 Best National Parks in Indonesia

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Orang utans, tigers, elephants, rhinos, tarsiers and tropical rainforests, Whalesharks, komodo dragons, orang pendek and swirling mists. Travel Junkie Indonesia scours the globe to find you this yearโ€™s 20 greatest national parks.

The Tarsier : King of Cute from Sulawesi

Travejunkieindonesia.com – If youโ€™re visiting Sulawesiโ€™s Tangkoko-Batuangas Dua Saudara Nature Reserve or Lore Lindu National Park, keep your eyes peeled for something looking back at you: a tiny nocturnal primate known as a tarsier. These creatures are recognisable by their… Continue Reading