Telaga Waja Bali Rafting Moments

a river, waterfall, and rafting | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram – Once upon a time from Telaga Waja river, Bali.

When we save a river, we save a major part of an ecosystem, and we save ourselves as well because of our dependencephysical, economic, spiritual, on the water and its community of life. Clean river is an investment in the future of our earth.

One morning. Majer brought Ronny, Ramadani, and I, to a fantastic rafting experience on the Telaga Waja river. What an adventure!

rafting time | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

the purpose driven life | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

more rafting pleasure | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

Here, our guide was a Balinese and had 15 years experience, he knew every rocks and rapids. Booooom booooom!!!

We were given excellent safety briefing before embarking on 14kms of rapids, takes about 2 hours with short break and photos on half way.

The water is very shallow and runs fast, mostly quite tame but with just enough thrills including a 4m drop towards end and plenty of drenching under waterfalls.

connected with a waterfall | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

return to sender | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

companion for life | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

telaga waja river rockstar | taken from @TravelJunkieID instagram

I had rafted on Ayung river Ubud many years ago and Telaga Waja was a much more exciting and challenging trip. It was AMAZING!

Scenery beautiful, loads of waterfalls, walk up steps at end not too bad.

Clean showers and change rooms. Lovely lunch in beautiful surroundings overlooking rice fields.

Water proof bag provided for valuables. Could not fault, very exciting and memorable day!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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