Top 10 Travel Sex Spots – Dozens of women confess the best spots they’ve ever done the dirty. Take a hint from adventurous, and fulfill fantasies with one of our sexy rendezvous. Or add your own sexcapade to our list on the comment space.

10). Dragon In A Blanket
Everyone’s done it on the best suited to public parks, beaches and private islands.

09). Rock the Train
On the train in a toilet during 6 hours trip. Greet strees reliever!

08). Union Lumberjack
On my pation that faced the woods or forest, naturally, and at the time we lived in a rainforest. It was very exciting!

07). Pitch A Tent
Best suited to a flat area ideal for pitching a tent, such as long grass. Still makes me hot to think about it.

06). Intelligence Pose
In the public library at 2pm to 4pm. It was very ‘sexy-sexy’!

05). Bushwhacker
We always wanted to have sex in the garden. We drove out to the middle of nowhere, found a spot, got a blacket and have some great sex. An airplane kept flying over us, over and over.

04). Dive Junkie
At a luxury villa swimming pool at 4am. The pool was lit up below us, and the air was filled with the scent of flowering tress, quite intoxicating!

03). Spa of Dreams
We always wanted to have sex after the spa ritual. We took the couple package of the day to explore the dream on our own and ended up in a very exciting spa adventure.

02). Boat Worm
I was taking the ferry for 2 days trip and we had sex in the bathroom stall. We met on our afternoon tea in a busy parking garage for some back seat fun!

01). Wine Tourgasm
The most beautiful winery in the world. My girlfriend and I took the self-guided tour. We went to premium vineyards, clear blue skies, winery, cellar door. I would definitely do it again.

Travel sex is where the heart is, and my heart is whereever I am at the moment. Choose your spots carefully, but without too much aplomb.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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