Travel Music Yourself With @MarshallHP

marshall major fx black – Bonjour from Australia. I’m currently here in Sydney for Garuda Indonesia and Destination New South Wales VIP Visit.

Travel music yourself. I’m deeply in love with this chic, black-major fx headphone from Marshall.

I love rockstar accessories, I’m currently obsessed with touches of black-gold lately. Just music, light, ideas, slight travel junkie touch.

I think it has something to do with a recent trip to See Australia to find the right shade of gold to paint certain things in New South Wales.

music, light, ideas, slight travel junkie touch

marshall, travel junkie, and samantha at Pacha at Ivy

Ooh let’s take a playlist and play with Marshall headphone, and live this life of luxury. So, what songs has inspired you to travel?

Click HERE to buy or for more information.

Happy Green Travels!

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