10 Reasons Why ‘The Moluccas’

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Planning a Moluccas family vacation?  You’re not alone. Travel Junkie Indonesia suggests these 10 Reasons Why The Moluccas Is Good For You:

1. “Sea air helps you sleep better.”
2. “Sea water is good for your skin.”
3. “Sunshine is good for your well-being.”
4. “Sand is good for your skin.”
5. “Snorkling and Diving makes you fitter.”
6. “Fish suppers are packed with vitamins and minerals.”
7. “Beach games help you to exercise.”
8. “Holidays are good for families.”
9. “Staying in the Maluku helps minimize your carbon footprint.”
10. “The Moluccas are good for your bank balance.”

Another secret paradise of the Moluccas, these petite little morsels of paradise are a dream-come-true for seekers of superb snorkeling and picture-perfect white-sand beaches.

Happy ‘Green’ Travels!

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