13 Tips in Exploring Komodo National Park

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Komodo National Park (KNP), West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, is wonderful. Exotic panorama of savannah is presented to all tourists prior their landing, to be enjoyed on board.

Why would you go to other countries when the real paradise is right here (Indonesia)?” – Travel Junkie Indonesia.

KNP is really the real wonder of the world. Beside its exotic beauty, Komodo, kind of prehistoric animals, are living there. Komodo is a beast and cannibal animal, hence all tourists should explore KNP carefully. Even though it has bad eyesight, Komodo is able to sensibly hear and smell.

Before exploring KNP, tourists will get detail explanations from the ranger of Komodo National Park, as there are regulations must be adhered in exploring the region.

Here are 13 tips should be considered when exploring Komodo National Park:

  1. Ranger. Make sure you are always with the ranger when exploring Komodo National Park. The ranger has enough experience in dealing with the Komodo. The ranger always carries Y-branched wood stick, resembling Komodo’s tongue. It is used to banish the Komodo who try to come near tourists.
  2. Keep walking in group. When you do trekking, make sure you always walk in your group since the Komodo attacked its alone prey.
  3. Avoid sudden movements. Komodo are usually in quiet if people getting through them. However, you must avoid sudden movements in front of Komodo. Your sudden movements will make you get chased by the dragons.
  4. Being chased by Komodo? Run in zigzag pattern and avoid run straight. Komodo can run about 18 km per hour in straight line; hence have trouble in winded running. In addition, you can also dodge them by finding higher ground or moving into Rumah Panggung (staged house) near you. The buildings in KNP area are designed as staged ones, since Komodo get difficult to climb stairs. However, you still need to be careful because the dragons like to shelter under the building.
  5. Avoid climbing up a tree. Do not climb up a tree in KNP area region because one-to-two years old Komodo are good to climb. Komodo in those ages get forced to climb a tree in purpose to avoid adult Komodo. You should remember, Komodo are cannibals, they could have the weaker ones.
  6. Good acting, their silence just a deception. If you encounter a lazing Komodo, you must be in careful. It is good in acting; the Komodo is on standby position and waiting for unsuspecting prey. Be careful in moving then. The Komodo is likely looked as dust or dry wood sticks when they are being asleep. You can accidentally step on the dragons.
  7. Avoid using perfume & producing noise. Komodo has a keen earshot and smell. Your ranger will advise you not to use too stinging perfume and avoid making noise when you do trekking, as it can lure the Komodo.
  8. Menstruating women. Komodo can smell blood as far as 9 – 12 miles. Women who are menstruating may still do trekking. However, you cannot do trekking in your high period. Komodo will instinctively think the blood-smell as its prey. You must tell the ranger in advance.  It is necessary so that rangers can guard you more.
  9. Avoid lighting a fire. Do not smoke or light a fire in the KNP area. It could flame and ruin the beauty of exotic savannah in the area. The islands of KNP are vulnerable to flame because of their dry and barren.
  10. Cloth. Cotton wearing that absorbs sweat and convenient to use is advisable to wear when trekking in the area. The sun is very hot and the air is too dry. Do not forget to use sun block cream and a hat when you are exploring KNP. To get comfort in trekking, mountain sandals or sneakers are likely used.
  11. Souvenirs. Bold buying souvenirs in your agenda as it can help local community economic development. You can buy Komodo-shaped wooden sculpture in various sizes, pearl necklace, kain tenun ikat (ethnic clothing) Manggarai, and other wood carvings.
  12. Camera. Thing must be carried is of course the camera. Do not hesitate to carry your tripod, telephoto lenses, or underwater camera because you want to take not only the Komodo pictures, but also the sightseeing, rare birds, and marine life.
  13. Snorkelling & Diving. Visiting Komodo Island is not complete yet without enjoying its underwater beauty as well. Komodo National Park has many spots, rich in its biodiversity and challenging, the KNP underwater beauty is absolutely a paradise for divers.

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