168 Hours in Ubud

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Perched on the gentle slopes leading up towards the central mountains, Ubud is the other half of Bali’s tourism duopoly. Unlike South Bali, however, Ubud’s focus remains on the remarkable.

So here, Travel Junkie Indonesia’s 168 Hours in Ubud:

One Day
Stroll the streets of Ubud, enjoying the galleries and sampling the fine cuisine. Try to get out on one of the short nearby walks through the verdant rice fields. Go to an evening dance performance in the centre.

Three Days
Take longer walks in the countryside, especially the Campuan Ridge and Satan Valley. Visit the art museums and attend dance performances not just in Ubud, but in the nearby villages. Indulge at a local spa. Drop by the market in the morning.

One Week or More
Do everything above but take time to simply chill out. Get in tune with Ubud’s rhythm. Take naps, read books, wander about. Think about a course in Balinese culture. Compare and choose your favourite café.

Happy Green Travels!

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