18 Fun Facts in Resorts World Genting Theme Park Malaysia

Amazing Sky Venture

Traveljunkieindonesia.com– Resorts World Genting Theme Park is AWESOME. Traveling in Resorts World Genting Malaysia, whether for business or leisure, is always a pleasure and it’s hard to do even the simplest of tasks or trips without being charmed in some way.

These are some of the fun facts in Resorts World Genting Theme Park, you most likely will leave feeling impressed, amazed and fun at the peak!

1. Space Shot
Do you know how high Space Shot is? It is 185 feet tall and will lift you up at 67km/hour within a split second.

2. Corkscrew
Did you know thet Corkscrew reaches speeds of up to 70 km/h? It can make a loop up to a height of 90 feet above the ground.

3. Flying Coaster
Lift up to 20 meters high and fly over 391 meters with a maximum speed of 25.7mph.

4. Spinner
Did you know that Spinner has 1500 coloured lights on the ride? It can rise up to 8 feet high.

5. Grand Prix Fun Kart
Enjoy the cool mountain air along the 800 meters of track length.

6. Monorail
Enjoy 17 minutes of scenic view along a 1 km-long track.

7. Bumper Boat
The ride duration is 10 minutes and the speed is 2 meter per second.

8. Boating
Row, row, row your boat gently around the lake. You have 15 minutes to enjoy this ride.

9. Astro Fighter
This ride has 12 units of jets which can fit 2 person each.

10. Mini Train
This train can carry up to 72 passengers.

11. Double Deck Carousel
This ride has 1001 pieces of coloured lights and it can carry 40 persons.

12. Pirate Train
Discover the good old-fashioned scares along 200 meters of track length.

13. Antique Car
Did you know that the fuel capacity of the Antique Car is 21 liters?

14. Reindeer Cruiser
There are 10 units of reindeer cruisers and the track is 170 meters long.

15. 4D Motion Master
Experience the adventurous journey with The Little Prince and the spine-tingling Haunted Mine. The theater hall can accommodate up to 48 persons.

16. Kiddie Rides
Children below the height of 90cm are required to purchase a Pay Per Ride Pass / All Park Wristband / First World Indoor Theme Park Wristband to enjoy this ride.

17. SnowWorld
A snowy summer awaits. Is winter your favorite season? Have you always longed to visit a winter wonderland? Want to engage your friends in a snowball fight and make snowmen?

18. Sky Venture
a state of the art sky diving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in winds up to 193 km/hr in the one and only wind tunnel in Asia.

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