19 Tips for Towing in Western Australia

Don’t drive at night in WA (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Western Australia is one of the oldest lands on Earth with a living Aboriginal history dating back more than 40,000 years.

WA is huge and quite simply. Any trip to its fair shores requires planning, as you are likely to cover a great distance to reach the sights you hope to see.

If you are towing please ensure you take the correct precautionary measures to ensure your safety whilst out in the great outdoors.

So, here are 19 tips for towing in Western Australia:

1. Get comfortable in your seat, relax and enjoy the experience. Drive with both hands on the wheel, with your thumbs outsite the rim.

2. Be considerate – remember that you’ll be going slower than most other vehicles and will be harder to pass; consider pulling over when safe to do so to enable other traffic to get past.

3. Don’t overload your caravan or 4WD – stick to the recommended or legal weights.

4. Take special care when sharing the road with trucks and road trains – not only are they difficult for you to get past, but they can create sudden cross winds when they pass you.

5. Concentrate on what you’re doing – keep distractions to an absolute minimum.

6. Have a fatigue management plan – stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs and never drive when you’re tired.

7. Don’t drive at night.

8. Overtake with caution; remember you won’t have as much grunt with a caravan behind you.

9. Allow more braking distance than normal

10. In spite of what some people may tell you, traveling faster over bumpy roads is NOT better for your caravan!

Australia’s Coral Coast Road (Camera Sony Alpha NEX-7)

11. Ensure that your caravan is correctly hitched to your vehicle and that safety chains are attached correctly.

12. Ensure that gas bottles are turned off.

13. If traveling in a convoy, leave a healthy distance between you and the next vehicle.

14. If you get hit by a cross wind, resist the temptation to overcorrect – you could end up in the soft surface of the road or across the white line.

15. Drive within posted speed limits at a consistent speed.

16. When cornering, allow yourself more leeway than with a motor car: you have a large, wide unit traveling behind you that can bash into signs or trees and jump over kerbs.

17. Do some practise turns and become familiar with the placement of your caravan wheels

18. Do not allow inexperienced persons to tow your placement of your caravan wheels.

19. Take a towing traning course with a reputable company or get some practise with a caravan club befor you set out on your adventure.

A big thank you to Tourism Western Australia, Garuda Indonesia, and the others for the excellent #DiscoverWA trip.

So, free to comment and add some of your 4 wheel driving tips in Western Australia.

Happy Green Travels.

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