25 Best Travel Songs in New South Wales Australia

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Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Travel Junkie Indonesia has chosen 25 of the most inspiring travel songs in NSW getaways.

Music helps us connect to others-to fellow travel junkies who might share our taste in songs and to locals who might not speak our language but can carry the rhythm.

For those of us with hippie blood, music can speak to who we are and why it is that we can never seem to settle down. Music engenders a desire to see a new place, or to travel simply for the joy of the journey.

So if you’re homeward bound for the next few months, but itching to jet off somewhere fantastic in Australia, see NSW from your armchair with our pick of the best songs for travel junkies.

01. Australia by Manic Street Peacher

02. Saturday Night Fever by Bee Gees

03. Soul Shakedown Party by Bob Marley

04. Tea for Two (Chris Shaw Remix) by Sarah Vaughan

05. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

06. Do The Whirlwind by Architecture In Helsinki

07. A Little Less Conversation [JXL Radio Edit Remix] by Elvis Presley

08. All By Myself by Eric Carmen

09. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

10. Winternights by Cloud

11. Alright by Supergrass

12. Dress Up in You by Belle and Sebastian

13. On The Road by Keane

14. Sunrise by Pulp

15. The Sound of the Streets by Suede

16. Please Please please by Jhon Logan

17. Down River by The Temper Trap

18. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

19. Guiding Light by Muse

20. Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu by Luciano Pavarotti

21. Gravity by Embrace

22. Too Much Heaven by Bee Gees

23. Hope for Winter by Club 8

24. Just Can’t Get Enough by Brighter

25. Mama and Papa by Supergrass

So, What travel songs would you add to the list? Share your picks in the comments!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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