25 Minutes Jet Blast Ride on the Swan River

the swan jet scene.

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I like to do something a little different for my life. An afternoon, we arrived at the Swan Jet office and met with Jayde Ferguson.

Swan Jet… Perth’s ultimate adrenalin rush…

Jayde, took us to the dock and gave us a safety briefing. Swan River Blast is a 25 minutes thrill ride on the Swan River.

Unleash the power of the jet at nearly 80km/h with a continual mix of 360 spins, wild fish tails and incredible power break stops. Hold on tight as the continuous mix of music keeps your heart racing.

And, here’s what we felt:

stars fell on swan.

rising on.

balance paradise.

a lovely day.

speak low era.

sunlight in the river.

Phew. Swan Jet was such a unforgettable experience. We got completely wet and didn’t expect the experience we had.

I absolutely LOVED it. It was FANTASTIC!

I would definitely recommended it. It’s great for anyone, couples and families, young or old.

For more information, visit swanjet.com.au.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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