35 Electric Scooter Safety Tips

Thetraveljunkie.org – Electric scooters are vehicles, environmentally friendly, and under the law e-scooter riders have the same rights and responsibilities as bicycle riders. To stay safe e-scooter, riders need to obey the road rules, ride predictably, share the road respectfully and safely with other road users, and maintain their e-scooters properly. Keep travelling safe on your e-scooter to everywhere. The impact of COVID-19 on the Australia electric scootering scene is not all bad news. There have been reports of more people out e-scootering and some e-scooter shops seeing an uptake in business as people look to an alternative to public transport.

Electric scootering, it seems, could be a perfect redemy during this global pandemic. And, here are 35 electric scooter safety tips:

01). Wear a correctly fitted, Australian standards approved, bicycle helmet.

02). Follow your state’s electric scooter laws.

03). Electric scooter gloves are another way to protect yourself.

04). Apart from head gear, you should wear long-sleeved clothing to protect your arms and legs. If you happen to fall off your electric scooter, you’re much less likely to injure yourself if you’ve got protective clothing on.

05). Keep your electric scooter maintenance up to date and safety checklist before a ride.

06). When using a shared path or separated footpath, ride in a manner and a speed that will enable you to give way to pedestrians. Always let people walking or slower bike riders know you are about to pass by ringing your bell or simply calling out.

07). Always give yourself enough time so you don’t rush.

08). Take note of every moving thing while you’re in motion.

09). Always steer clear of obstacles.

10). Do not press the accelerator when you’re walking alongside the e-scooter.

11). Look out for other road users particularly when they are approaching you from behind or pulling out in front of you.

12). Watch out for parked cars for passengers opening doors (both driver and passenger side).

13). Assume drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can’t see you. Anticipate other people’s actions.

14). Do not hang bags or other heavy stuff on the handlebar.

15). Never signal with one-hand. Always make sure both your hands are on the handlebar at all times.

16). Do not let go off the handlebar while riding.

17). Do not ride on one foot.

18). Make your presence known and proactively use your bell or horn.

19). Do not accelerate when going downhill, and brake in time to slow down. When encountering a steep incline, you need to step off the e-scooter and push.

20). Avoid braking too hard.

21). Do not use mobile phone and wear noise-cancelling earphones/headphones.

22). Go with the flow of traffic.

23). Always provide room for emergency braking.

24). If you’re on the street, hang to the left or right side of the lane.

25). Assume that cars will turn into your path.

26). If you need to make a turn, wait for the green light, allow cars to pass, and then ride onto the street.

27). If you must ride at night, make sure you have high-visibility or reflective gear.

28). Do not ride in the rain. Do not ride through puddles or any other (water) obstacles.

29). Do not ride with anyone else, including children.

30). Do not keep your feet on the rear mudguard.

31). Do not touch the disc brake.

32). Do not try riding up or down stairs, not try jumping over obstacles.

33). Take extra care when e-scootering at night. Try to ride on well-lit roads and wear bright or light coloured clothing or a reflective vest. Helps you stay safe.

34). Persons under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult.

35). You cannot be under the influence of alcohol or a drug.

What tips would you add to the list? Share your picks in the comments!


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