45 Unique Excursions In Jakarta

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Traveljunkieindonesia.com – People are always asking me what to do in Jakarta and you think Jakarta is Indonesia’s most hip city or not, there’s no denying the city’s special place in the world today.

That’s why I want to share some of the most unique experiences and things to do in this capital city. Jakarta isn’t meant to be seen, it’s meant to be experienced. ENJOY JAKARTA!

So, here are 45 unique excursions in Jakarta, Indonesia:

01. Traffic. Wake up early in the middle of the week and try to move about the city between 6 AM and 9 AM. Appreciate traffic.

02. Take a bus (not transjakarta) but Kopaja or Metro Mini somewhere, not really recommended but only do it if you are travel junkie determined to have a different experience.

03. Encounter Wildlife at Ragunan Zoo; The Ragunan Zoo is home to almost 300 animal species from all over the world.

04. Visit Pasar Taman Puring. Hot, crowded unsafe but hugely popular. I love this market, everything cheap.

05. Take photos of some graffiti and statue.

06. Stay at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta An Oasis of Serenity and Calm.

07. Ride the old Bemos before they’re being demolished.

08. Go antique-hunting at Jalan Surabaya; an open-air antique market on the border of Menteng District (where President Obama lived for a few years)

09. Visit Pasar Cipulir. Huge market and surrounding area.

10. Being two centuries old, National Museum of Indonesia (musium nasional) is an icon that you must visit.

11. Encounter History at the Jakarta History Museum.

12. Jakarta’s city centre of Merdeka Square, stands the National Monument (Monumen Nasional) tower for a great fun.

13. National Gallery is a combination of museum and art gallery in Jakarta, where you can enjoy culture, history and visual arts.

14. Go sightseeing at Sunda Kelapa – one of the oldest parts of Jakarta; the city grew from this port and its attached town.

15. Built during the Dutch colonial period, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a concert hall in Jakarta.

16. Lunch at Warung Tegal (WARTEG) with locals.

17. Go to shoddy night-clubs for a great fun.

18. Discover Japanese Food at Nishimura, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta.

19. Encounter Islam in Indonesia, at Istiqlal Mosque; The biggest Islamic country on Earth deserves to have one of the biggest mosques in the world.

20. Learn about Indonesia at Taman Mini Indonesia.

21. Glodok, malls and narrow streets and thousands of people selling thousands of things, old buildings great food and tea worth exploring for an afternoon.

22. If you are looking for a break from the rough and tough, this is as cheesy as it sounds, Ancol Dreamland is could be your dream place.

23. The Jakarta Cathedral. Can’t take photos inside, unlike the mosque and the place is locked when not in use but it is still a lovely building.

24. Kebayoran Lama Railway Station. Take a train into Station Kota and see the sights by train. The station is Lime Green.  Near the station is a lovely old chapel which sadly you cant get into

25. Visit pasar kue pagi at Senen and/or Blok M. At early morning market, you can find any kind of local cakes you want.

26. Visit Tanah Abang. Its huge, its full of buses and people but it is also a huge commercial area for textiles and gold. Probably best to go with some who knows where to go and watch your belongings.

27. Transjakarta. The busway system goes all round the city. To see Jakarta why not travel every route for almost nothing.

28. Blok M and Melawai. This is the daylight visit for normal folk and classic area.

29. Blok M Market. Underground. Hot, crowded unsafe but hugely popular.

30. Travel sex at …, …, …, and ….!?!

31. Tanjung Priok Port. You can drive right into the port see the ships unload and appreciate the scale of commerce there. Don’t go at night unless you know what you are doing.

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31. Traveling with Bajaj. Take a trip in a little noisy, cramped orange 3 wheeled machine. Fix a price and off you go. Film the journey. Quite an adventure.

32. Planetarium. Head to Jalan Cikini Raya and visit the cities planetarium.

33. Military Museum. A museum dedicated to all things military in Indonesia.

34. Amazing Eats at Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta.

35. Senayan Stadium. Huge stadium surrounded by arenas and venues to visit. Check posting times for events and matches.

36. Get lost in Pemakaman Umum Tanah Kusir.

36. Enjoy a lazy afternoon at a coffee shop with locals.

37. Ride a motorcycle around Jakarta.

38. How to feel sexy at Merdeka Selatan Library.

39. Take a trip to Arsip Nasional.

40. Visit flower market at Rawa Belong.

41. Go to Taman Suropati in Menteng on Sundays, and you’ll find a group of classical music players have their gigs there.

42. Travel like a librarian at Marsela Library.

43. Enjoy sunset at Situ Babakan.

44. Scuba, snorkel and experience the amazing underwater world of Seribu Islands.

45. Ride a horse like a django at Jalan Swadarma, Ulujami.

Ooh Jakarta, you stole my heart!

Have a suggestion for one of the best unique excursions in Jakarta or a helpful resource for Indonesia’s coolest city? Add it below in the comments and I’ll try to include it in this guide!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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