50 Must Do’s in Japan

Mount Fuji (Image courtesy of visit Japan)

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Japan is rock! Traveling in Japan, whether for business or leisure, is always a pleasure and it’s hard to do even the simplest of tasks or trips without being charmed in some way. Over the course of putting our guide together, TJI kept track of the details and idiosyncracies that make Japan so special.

TJI confident you’ll come across a million of your own but here are 50 things to spot, sample and savour along the way.

01. The ladies in pink who keep the Shinkansen sparkly

02. The foodhall at Isetan

03. An afternoon of clothes shopping at Andy House in Kyoto

04. Cafe hopping in Kamakura

05. Wine tips from Gaku at Maru

06. Baumkuchen – the Japanese bake it better than the Germans

07. The wonder of how Japanese domestic flights can board so quickly

08. Late evening Singapore Slings at the Murata in Yufuin, Kyushu

09. The serenity of the Nezu Museum

10. A lazy Saturday wandering around Kagoshima

11. Bagna cauda at Gochizen

12. Incense from Lisn in Kyoto

13. An afternoon that turns into evening shopping and dining at Truck in Osaka

14. Cheese toasties and coffee at Doutor

15. The feeling of warm tatami mats under foot in Hokkaido

16. Haircuts at Abbey 2 with Nakamura-san

17. The high-storey view across Tokyo to Mount Fuji to watch the sunset

18. The food retail at Japanese airports and rail stations

19. Dinner in a cosy booth at the Park Hyatt’s New York Grill – it never tires

20. Lunch and homewares shopping at Graf in Osaka

21. An evening of book and music shopping at Tsutaya

22. Rush hour at Shibuya station

23. Music shopping at Bonjour Records in Daikanyama

24. Beer tasting at Hokkaido Brewery

25. A six-hour shopping marathon at Tokyu Hands

26. Elegant 80-year-olds who dress like 28-year-olds and pull it off with dignity

27. Dogs in prams, yoga classes and blowdry salons

28. The Shibuya pedestrian crossing in the very late/early hours of Saturday

29. The wonderfully tasty yuzu

30. A spiritual walk through the forests to the hilltop shrines above Kyoto

31. The best “foam art’ in your flat white at Manly Coffee in Fukuoka

32. A hearty bowl of ramen down by the harbour in Kagoshima

33. Stroll through Gion at dusk

34. A bagful of Danish hearts from Andersen

35. Mattress toast at Ace Cafe in Kyoto for breakfast

36. Textile shopping at Good Weaver

37. Endless refills of hot shochu, filled-to-the-brim at Gonbei in Kagoshima

38. Post-flight foot bath at the onsen outside Kagoshima airport

39. An end-of-day shave at Sky Barbers in Marunouchi

40. A soul-searching stroll on the deserted off-season beaches in Okinawa

41. A day with man-about-town Takashi Shimizu in Kagoshima

42. A trolley dash in Muji World

43. Breezy seaside walk in Kamakura before a backstreet tonkatsu curry

44. Stocking up on kitchen essentials at Hakusan

45. A quiet cycle through the backstreets of Nakameguro

46. Seafood feasts at the Makishi Kosetsu food market in Naha

47. Toto toilets everywhere

48. Karaoke marathons in Ni-chome

49. The best-behaved babies and toddlers in the world

50. Nostalgia with drama tv original soundtrack(Ordinary People, Tokyo Love Story, Love Generation, First Love, Beach, and many more) everywhere

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