6 Reasons Travel Junkies Love Kakaban Island

wonderful kakaban island | camera Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I can honestly say I haven’t been bored in Kakaban Island. Travel is life. And if you miss travel, you miss life.

To me, boring is traffic, packed trains, supermarket queues, looking for parking spaces, not seeing the sun or the sky for days on end, not diving and snorkling, not sunbathing and reading a book on the beach; there’s none of that here.

Yay, I love Kakaban Island in Derawan Islands, East Borneo – Indonesia. So, here are six reasons why I guarantee travel junkies will love Kakaban Island:

snorkling in kakaban lake | photo by ringga prayudha

01. Kakaban Island with a total area of ± 5 km², emerged from a raised atoll over the sourse of millions of years, looks like a small pond admids the surrounding sea.

02. The ± 390 ha lake contains saltwater that is trapped in the raised atoll.

03. The jellyfish have evolved into stingless organisms making them irresistible for travel junkies to touch.

04. The four species of stingless jellyfish are Mastigias papua, Aurelia aurita, Cassiopeia ornata, and Tripedalia cystophora.

05. Spons and anemones have evolved after being trapped in the lake for millions of years.

06. Kakaban Island is the stunning beauty beneath the surface of the natural atoll

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Happy Sustainable Travels!

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