6 Things You Can Do To Preserve Sea Turtles & Environment in Derawan Islands

make love | photo by ringga prayudha

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – In order to preserve Turtle and enabling our comfort environment, we expect visitors to adhere the following notions.

Here are six things you can do to preserve sea turtles and environment in Derawan Islands:

01. Don’t litter on the coastline

02. Light is only allowed on the coast at night time with prior consent from the in charge officer

03. Strolling around the island especially at night time is only allowed with prior special escort from the in charge officer

04. Camping activity is not allowed along the coastline

05. Kindly not to feed animals or modify any plants in the islands

06. Kindly take nothing from the islands expect photo and memories

So, What things would you add to the list? Share your picks in the comments!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. One way to preserve them is not to touch them, especially make love to them. You’ll be making a one new species rather than preserving 2 existing ones. khihihii….

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