7 Most Exquisite Dining Experience in Genting Highlands Malaysia

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Good Food = Good (Fun x Future). Genting Highlands is an international atlas of exotic cuisines: Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Lebanese, Persian, Peruvian, Thai, Vietnamese? and more. Yes, it was AMAZING!

Today, Travel Junkie Indonesia have some pretty cool Genting Highland’s dining experience to share! So, here are 7 most exquisite dining experience in Genting Highlands – Travel Junkie Indonesia’s selection.

Curry Laksa at Coffee Terrace

1. Coffee Terrace – Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting
Experience the grandest buffet selection in Genting amidst striking decor. Take a culinary tour of 6 open-concept kitchens: Local, Nyonya Baba, Chinese, Western, Japanese and Western Asian.

Slow-Braised Lamb Shank at Bubble and Bites

2. Bubbles & Bites – Level 2, Highlands Hotel
Enjoy casual continental cottage cuisine in a relaxing and rustic ambience. The outlet is committed to serving fresh food, specialising in pizzas and pastas, and also serves miniature bottles of sparkling wines, alcoholic sodas, juices, soft drinks, beers and wines from all around the world.

Special Xinjiang Almond & Pistachio Ice Cream at Ming Ren

3. Ming Ren Restaurant – Level 2, Highlands Hotel
The secret to Ming Ren’s signature lamb dishes lies in the blend of Cantonese culinary traditions and Xinjiang’s spices and seasoning. This masterful combination creates tantalizing tender dishes that melt in your mouth.

Smoothy Tofu Thai Style at Happy Valley

4. Happy Valley Seafood – Lobby Floor, Theme Park Hotel
A family restaurant serving Chinese cuisine and fresh seafood during lunch and dinner hours.

Sandwiches at Bakery

5. Bakery – Lobby Floor, Maxims Genting
A continental bakery serving pastries, cakes and sandwiches – fresh from the oven and baked to perfection.

Roti Chane at Lobby Cafe

6. Lobby Cafe – Lobby Floor, First World Hotel
Nasi Kandar concept. I love Nasi Lemak and roti chane here.

7. The Patio – Level 2, First World Plaza
An entertaining arena with live band “B’tru”,  Flavories Daiquiri Mango and gangnam style here.

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A big thank you to Genting Resorts, Rouge Communications, and the others for the excellent trip in Genting Highlands.

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