8 Reasons Flight To Brisbane with @IndonesiaGaruda

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Brisbane is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland and the third most populous city in Australia.

Garuda Indonesia brings you to Experience Brisbane. Garuda Indonesia operates flight to Brisbane via Denpasar Daily and we assured you to have the memorable experience during your Flight with best Services.

So, here are 8 reasons flight to Brisbane with Garuda Indonesia:

01. Aircraft
Using new aircraft Boeing 737-800 Next Generation, we make you Fly Ever Higher to Brisbane. We offer 12 seats of Executive class and 150 seats for Economy class. Grab your seats NOW.

02. Ergonomic Seats – Executive class
When choose to travel with the Executive class, feel the Exclusivity that we offer. Have a seat and relax in our 42 inch seat pitch, also with fully adjustable headrest that will make you experience the most comfortable journey ever.

03. Comfortable Ergonomic Seats – Economy class
Have a seat and just relax in our 31 inch seat pitch with adjustable headrest in our Boeing 737-800 Next Generation which will provide utmost comfort when awake or sleeping.

04. Audio and Video on Demand
Along the flight to Brisbane, both Economy or Executive class passengers can enjoy the state of art Audio and Video on Demand with touch screen LCD TV in a medium haul flight of two hours or more. We offer the passengers choices such as; a). 58 movies and 50 TV programs all with choices of action, drama, comedy, etc that can suit with passengers’ mood, b). 25 audio channels, 9 radio stations and 140 music albums with choices of genre: pop, jazz, classis, Indonesian, including “The Sounds of Indonesia” produced by Garuda Indonesia, and c). 25 interactive video games that will challenge your skill.

05. Power Socket
For executive class passengers, they can finish their work by plug-in their laptop to their equipped seat with power socket. All the presentation that is undone can be completed while you are on the way to your destination.

06. Reading Materials & Personal Reading Light
We will provide a wide selection reading materials for all passengers. To make it easy, each Executive Class seat has an attached personal reading light. Now, you can finish reading your favourite books.

07. Inflight Meals & Special Meals
Our cabin crew will serve you with Western, Asian or Signature Indonesian dishes and beverages. Enjoy the meals and experience the best hospitality at the same time. For all our passengers who need a special meals, we will provide them a special meals include diabetic, vegetarian, non-allergic and non-fat as well as child and baby meals. It can be requested 24 hours before departure.

08. Free Baggage Allowance
To add convenience, Garuda Indonesia also give free baggage allowance up to 40 kg for Executive Class and 30 kg for Economy Class only for Australia routes. Now there is no reason to worry about your baggage weight. We also provide an added 23 kg baggage allowance for sport equipment such as golf clubs, surfboards, and bicycle at no extra charge for international and domestic destinations.

Flight Schedule
a). GA 416 Jakarta – Denpasar, 18.10 (departure) and 21.15 (arrival)*
b). GA 720 Denpasar – Brisbane, 23.10 (departure) and 07.10 (arrival)*
c). GA 721 Brisbane – Denpasar, 08.40 (departure) and 13.10 (arrival)*
d). GA 413 Denpasar – Jakarta, 14.55 (departure) and 15.55 (arrival)*

*local time

Well, enjoy your flights. I can honestly say I haven’t been bored flight with Garuda Indonesia.

Travel is life. And if you miss travel, you miss life. See you in Brisbane!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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