A Gorgeous Balinese Style

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – When did you fall in love with Bali and think “I could maybe live here”?

My love affair with Bali began in the 80s. The smells, the people, the culture, the beauty, the craziness and the grace, it’s cast a spell on me and hasn’t let me go.

I love the freedom here – the Hindu culture here is very open and free, anything goes really. I feel more experimental with what I wear and create here – I wear more colour, expose more skin, mix things together more and the bohemian gypset style.

The other day it was still quite cold, but I took advantage of the clear sky.

At the moment I love Kayu Putih (near Munduk) in Central Bali. It’s a coffee and spice growing region. Very beautiful, not built-up and cool fresh air!

Dressing up like a local, making sure you look good, having the energy to go to events, meeting people, talking to people, being friendly and charming, taking photos – EVERY DAY AND NIGHT, is really, REALLY hard play. Now that’s LUXURY!

I’ve taken lots of photos of what I wore to all the events here.

Here, I’m wearing a gorgeous Balinese style, from Kadek. Batik by unbranded. Sandals from Swallows – I bought at a mini market in Gili Air, 8 years ago.

In those days, life was so simple. It was grand. Aaaah I miss you guys!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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