A Nature Greek Party at Gazi Restaurant, Melbourne

superpots scene. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Regular readers will know how much I love Melbourne. I’ve written before about how much I love visiting and how I day-dream about moving there.

And I am so excited to tell you all about this update. This place is just gorgeous.

A short walk from Federation Square. On the way, I played a song ‘Nature Women’, ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Royals’ by Nowela.

And, I really enjoyed GAZI. Bunker down beneath the hanging clay pots and feast on George Calombaris (Masterchef celebrity) latest epicurean innovation – Hellenic “dirty food”.

The fine dining of the Press Club Dining Room has been ditched for the street style of Gazi, which features the souvlaki with the finest pedigree in town.

A 10-dish sharing menu is available for those wanting to go all out; otherwise Gazi satisfies with snacks and cocktails.

mind the gap, it’s gazi. | taken with Sony NEX-7

the open kitchen. | taken with Sony NEX-7

play to do. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Gazi has many tables, with a big open kitchen in the middle. The ceiling with filled with upside down terracotta pots! Yes, plant pots! On one side, they have booth tables with wooden partitions and little hooks to hang your coats and umbrellas.

Gazi’s menu has quite a lot to choose from. There’s things for sharing, street food style snacks, through to more substantial mains and eventually dessert.

Here’s a few of what my friends and I tasted for sharing:

golden deep fried saganaki cheese is next on the hit list, and is delivered piping hot and bubbling in a cast iron pan, served with cumquat jam. The saltiness of the cheese with the sweetness of the jam is divine. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Yooooo…. for our Ethnika Vromika – Hellenic Dirty Food. Cheese, cumquat, currents, mustard seeds. Olala… very tasty!

These are ideal entrees, light and very, very tasty.

an iceberg lettuce salad. | taken with Sony NEX-7

i called tzatziki kerupuk. | taken with Sony NEX-7

tzatziki with bread. | taken with Sony NEX-7

A little later, our dips arrived. Hommus, friend chick peas, aleppo.

And, Tzatziki. Their dips are pretty tasty! Hmmm similar with Niasian food in North Sumatra.

Ooh my. I really enjoyed it. Exotic!

golden fries spiked. | taken with Sony NEX-7

wood fires. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Wood Fire Grill – Swordfish. It was SO good. I also loved the extras on the top.

And, Wood Fire Spit – Chicken with white beans, tyrokafteri, walnut dressing. This was the other ‘half’: amazingly tender and tasty chicken.

They gave us HEAPS.

loukomathes. | taken with Sony NEX-7

Lastly, it’s finished off – Loukomathes with honey nutella and crushed hazelnuts. Hmmmm… Yummeeeeeh!

It was goooood. It was so soft, moist, sweet, light and fresh.

Overall, I agreed that this was our new favourite restaurant in Melbourne! The food is really fantastic and friendly staff.

Good job George. We’ll be back next time.

A big thank you Tourism Victoria, Tourism Australia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!

2 Exhibition Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +61 3 9207 7444


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