A Nude Sunset in Tanjung Keluang

love’s almighty.

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – We were klotoking with friends in Tanjung Keluang, Central Kalimantan.

Everyday is like sunday, I’m loving the natural colour palette – especially exotic golden, off exotic whites, sea turtles, nudes and sunset.

I took a stroll in the sea turtles conservation, and I just sat on the warm boat, under the exotic and sexy sky. Silenced by the sunset.

Here’s what we saw and felt:

into everything.

the conservation area.

save our sea turtles.

last cruise to wherever.

stop running away.

the nude sunset.

Thank to you, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, for following and supporting me on this journey!

I’m feeling very relaxed and inspired by the experience. I like to keep things balanced.

Aaaah it’s so good to be a happy travel junkie.

Kisses, mwah!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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