A Refreshing Experience in Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hong Kong

lucky 1245 | camera Sony NEX-7

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I am so excited to tell you all about this update. I took a refreshing experience in Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees, Hong Kong. Damn, lucky travel blogger!

The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life. – George Bernard Shaw

Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees is the latest addition to Harbour Plaza Hotels and Resorts. Located near the former Kai Tak Airport and Mongkok area.

This hotel is close to major shopping and local sightseeing destinations, all reachable by the hotel complimentary shuttle bus, which is more than just a ride but also a tour through old Hong Kong.

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Features 702 guestrooms and suites, a renowed lobby that is designed with utmost innovation, where an optical illusion has been created to feel as though you’re inside Italy’s Learning Tower of Pisa.

Hospitable service and excellent facilities, this hotel appeals to all business, leisure and family travel junkies looking for comfortable and attractive accommodation in the pearl of the orient.

I always like coming into town and try new hotels. First impressions, my room 1245 a spacious room with lots of ‘white love’ and mirrors. Everything was absolutely fine!

Amazing! had the standard welcome letter from the management team, water, and beautiful fruits. I loved this little touch.

stunning view from 1245 | camera Sony NEX-7

play some rock here | camera Sony NEX-7

The bed was great, comfortable and huge. Hmmm.. Seriously comfortable and the pillows were incredible.

Oooh coffee and tea, available for those who want some and an impressive selection of naughty snacks for purchase. It worth mentioning how well displayed there were – and how tempting!

No free WiFi and magazine selection. But, power sockets in useful place, we have more and more devices and we know where we want them! By the working area. Not too bad which is always good.

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white love story | camera Sony NEX-7

No famous brand for toiletries. But, the bathroom was good. I really liked the bathroom – very simple, beige and clean-up, but very tasteful. Ooh Towels, they were lovely and soft.

Overall, I enjoyed at Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees and have no problem recommending it. I would recommend it to my readers.

Would I stay again? I loved going back to Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Hong Kong every day! A big thank you to Tigerair Mandala for media fam trip to Hong Kong. Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees was really nice surprise.

I had a great night in and really enjoyed it. The hospitality were outstanding throughout my whole stay.

Have you visited this hotel? What were you thoughts?

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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