A Segway Tour at the Stunning Rochford Winery, Yarra Valley

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – A visit to Yarra Valley wouldn’t be complete without a segway tour of Rochford Winery.

I recommend a segway tour to explore the Yarra Valley’s most spectacular winery, Rochford – it is a total experience!

We started at training centre with Beck (our guide) to explore the vineyard on two wheels, learning about grape growing and wine production along the way.

THEN. The weather hit us.

The storms clounds rolling towards us. The wind was strong. The rain poured. It was soooo cold (7°C I think).

Segwaying INTO the wind was difficult. It was bloody hard work! I struggled.

My shoes were filled with water, my arms were shaking from the cold… and there was a moment where I thought to myself – Just cheer the hell up and enjoy the ride Junkie!


We rode along the glorious view of the vineyard. It was my first time doing this Segway tour in Yarra Valley and I was super keen to do this ride – particularly because a dream of mine came true.

The ride went off smoothly in the wet and on Off-Road Track. And I had an AMAZING RIDE.

I was hitting the maximum speed of eight kilometers per hour.

The machines are safe though and soon you’ll forget about the mode of transportation and enjoy being immersed in the farming side of the wine business in a very unique way.

I enjoyed each and every second I was on the Segway. See our video on the segway, HERE.

After a while, I was confident enough to take both hands off the handlebar as I took pictures and videos.

It was just bloody brilliant haha… I absolutely loved it.

Looking for a totally unique and fun experience? visit www.segwayvictoria.com.au.

I completely recommend it!

A big thank you Tourism Victoria, Tourism Australia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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