A Street Food Dinner with Bubur Ayam Barito

our bubur ayam. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – The other night, my friend kidnapped me to enjoy a simple dinner at a little area called Barito, South Jakarta.

There is an outdoor street food area, with tables under ‘fancy’ umbrella, push carts and under the trees.

I ordered Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge) with egg – what make this porridge special is the topping. Cheese stick, fried onion, celerry, tongcai (seasoned radish), cakwe, the big diced chicken and egg.

chicken porridge with egg. | taken with Sony Xperia Z1

And, the sambel (chilly sauce) make it very tasty.

Phew. It looked terrible. But it tasted WONDERFUL!

OMG, I loved it!

Enjoy folks!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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