A Touch of Vietnamese Beer

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – While on our ‘working’ in Vietnam, we relaxed a lot of rules and let the travel junkie go a bit wild…

So this is what I WISH I was drinking to a casual lunch and dinner party on the street – between Hanoi and Saigon, with a touch of Vietnamese beer.

We let my body drink as much bia as they wanted! For the first-time traveler to Vietnam, the variety of local and regional beers can be surprising.

It seems each city has a beer named after it (Bia Can Tho, Bia Thai Binh, Bia Saigon, Bia Hanoi, Bia Hue, and so on).

For me, Bia Hanoi wins top prize because you can actually taste that it is beer. It’s crisp, deliciously inexpensive.

And, Bia Saigon is light, watery and tastes slightly of skunk.

This is me in a blissful state of neurological confusion. The photo of me are very sharp, but don’t be fooled, inside, I was totally out of focus hahaha.

Drinking on child-sized plastic chairs on the side of a highly trafficked city street is a better idea.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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