A Travel Wallet For A Stylish Travel Junkie

say you love me. | taken by Sony Xperia Z1

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – Hi travel junkies, I’ve found my perfect travel wallet – yay!

I’ve been looking for a small, stylish, travel wallet to hold all my documents when I’m out and about.

Prior to each trip, I was very rushed and busy. And in terms of travel accessories and belongings, I was very ill-equipped.

keep all in one. | taken by Sony Xperia Z1

let’s go. | taken by Sony Xperia Z1

Here’s something I have always needed – a travel wallet to keep all my important documents in one place, with a buckle.

It had to be stylish and classic… and it had to go with any outfit for whatever occasion (so it had to be black).

It’s a Gold Coast travel wallet. Very, very happy!

Enjoy your week!

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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