A Visit To Yarra Valley Dairy, Victoria

Traveljunkieindonesia.com – One of my favourite things in the world is CHEESE.

I could sit down with a platter of grapes, figs, nuts, crackers and A HUNDRED DIFFERENT VARIETY OF CHEESES FROM AROUND THE WORLD – and I would be in heaven.

Eeek… right now I have cheese on the mind, specifically the world-class soft cheeses being produced “farmhouse style” at Yarra Valley Dairy – specialises in both cow’s milk cheeses and goat’s milk cheeses, which are sold throughout Australia.

I was given a cheese tasting tour by Yarra Valley Dairy, as its name suggests, now a celebration of cheese.

Think of it as an inside picnic without the basket, the flies or the rug. You walk into what looks like — and once was — a milking shed, now transformed into a stylish cafe with a magnificent view to the foothills of the Great Dividing Range.

Half of the shed is a produce store, featuring local olive oils, pasta sauces, chutneys, lemon cordial, gourmet chocolates, jams, raisin and fig breads, duck-neck sausages, pork terrines and wines from local boutique wineries without a cellar door.

The cheese factory, cheese shop and cafe occupy a vintage milking shed with windows that frame a view across the cottage garden to stock browsing in surrounding paddocks and the mountains of the Yarra Valley National Park.

While the view is glorious in autumn and spring, when the landscape is dotted with colour provided by changing leaves or wild blooms, it’s just as engaging when a winter or summer storm blows through the valley bringing dark clouds that hug the peaks.

A big thank you Tourism Victoria, Tourism Australia, my readers, for following and supporting me on this journey!


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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