A Workshop on Travel Blogging & Launching the Book

Giving a workshop on Travel Blogging | Image courtesy of @MissLaiLai

Traveljunkieindonesia.com –ย  On Dec, 29. I was invited to an exclusive Ngopi Bareng with Barry Kusuma, who was launching his book 15 Destinasi Wisata Terbaik di Indonesia (in Bahasa Indonesia). I was so excited to meet him here.

You can also see more detail of his book at alambudaya.com and gramedia.com

In this event, Travel Junkie Indonesia also gave a workshop on Travel Blogging, for a range of different skill levels.

As Indonesian travel bloggers, we are ambassadors that introduce and promote these different corners and cultures to other members of the family, as well as to the rest of the world. We also engage ourselves in a media activism that helps develop tourism in Indonesia according to principles of sustainability and wise community development. We share a hope that our beaches stay pristine and our forests lush.

We also have hopes that our people become empowered through a tourism that grows hand in hand with local businesses, such as environmentally responsible agricultural and fishery activities, handmade production of souvenirs, transportation and accommodation services, traditional cuisines, and many others.

Together we, Indonesian Travel Bloggers, stand united for Indonesia.

And I was like – YES, that’s how some of travel junkies and the other tweet-pics this workshop

We also have @TravelJunkieID & local travel journalist sharing travel writing tips to Indonesian travel enthusiasts via @MissLaiLai

Now! Workshop Travel Blogging, Writing & Photography w/ @TravelJunkieID , Maya @myTrip Magazine, & @barrykusuma at @kaskus via @Izarism

Peluncuran buku @barrykusuma di @kaskus, ada workshop travel blogging juga dari @TravelJunkieID dan Mba Mayasari via @adisn84

Peluncuran buku @barrykusuma, hadir juga pesohor travel @TravelJunkieID. Mantap! via @HafidzNovalsyah

Wohoo @TravelJunkieID silhouette at his mini workshop as top travel blogger! ๐Ÿ˜‰ via @logamberat

Look at me. Red, Tenun Ikat from East Nusa Tenggara!!

A big thank you to Barry Kusuma, media partners, and the other for this workshop. It was AMAZING!!!

Happy Green Travels!

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