A World of Tyrrell’s Wines in Hunter Valley

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Traveljunkieindonesia.com – I have some fabulous new updates from a world of wine to share with you.

Ooh my. Finally, I was kidnapped by Hunter Valley Tourism, Destination NSW, and Garuda Indonesia to the most beautiful winery in the world, learned about the great wines, the legendary characters and the rich history of the area.

This exciting world of wine is just waiting to be discovered. It’s very important for not just the wine industry but for the tourism industry.

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I arrived in the lovely place I have ever been to. Winter in the Hunter Valley brings clear blue skies and mild days, perfect for being out and about. Aaah waltz for travel junkie Indonesia. I was in fairytale heaven.

Tyrrell’s is one of the oldest existing wineries in the Hunter and upholds the traditions of quality that made it famous.

The Tyrrell family association with the grape began in 1858. Tyrrell’s has since grown over a century and a half to become one of Australia’s most prestigious winemakers.

The Hunter Valley was ideal for the production of premium wines, notably Shiraz in the reds and Semillon in the whites. Both made table wines of power and distinction, with the ability to age beautifully in the bottle. These two varieties provided the basis for the beginning of the Tyrrell’s premium Winemaker’s Selection Range.

Premium vineyards extend from their legendary home in the Hunter Valley to other distinguished grape growing regions of Australia.

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The Tyrrell’s staff gave us a tour of their vineyard, winery, and cellar door. This was where I was able to check out how they made wines.

And what interested me was talking to the Tyrrell people and finding out what Tyrrell’s think about their wines, and why they feel they have a unique range.

Tyrrell’s has marvellous views all around it. The historic building and the rows of wines casks were very interesting. The wines we tasted were of a high standard and a good variety of types. I was so relaxed and inspired by the experience. I was so fascinated by everything!

Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning. I was excited about getting an education from Tyrrell’s!

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Talking to a lot of people, the biggest thing I learned about NSW Australian culture is that – the people place a high importance on work-life balance and having a high quality of life.

No wonder why they are often called “the happiest people in the world”!

It seemed outrageously extravagant, but also very rock star.

Overall this was been an enjoyable and valuable adventure for me. For next blogpost, I’ll write about Tyrrells vine cycle.

If Tyrrell’s objective was to get me to realise what the consumer is paying for when they purchase high-quality wines – it worked.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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