Activities at the Nai Lert Park Heritage Home, Bangkok – When in Bangkok, Thailand. I went to the Nai Lert Park Heritage Home and enjoyed the story of the Home and its surroundings spread across 24,000 sqm of lush ground. The house showcases a series of antiques and artefacts since World War II until the present, all of which are of the family’s private collections.

“My parents wanted me to have things better than what they had, particularly when it came to excellence and dignity. Therefore, I live to preserve these precepts until the end of my time.”, Thampuying Lursakdi Sampatisin said.

Then I talked about “Living Heritage” with Luc Citrinot, a French national who has researched in Asian architecture for 20 years.

And, I enjoyed a private fashion show with young Thai designer – “SARRAN” by Sarran Youkongdee.

Pampered myself with the Oriental organic product by Divana Massage and Spa, a “Thai boutique spa”.

Thai taste by Chef Tam or Tam Chudaree Debhakam, the first top chef Thailand. With sit-down luncheon menu: grilled tiger prawns and crab meat, wild betel or chaphlu leaves wrapped red grouper, and mountain sticky rice cake.

Stay tuned for my ‘Amazing Luxperience’ in Thailand.


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