Aisah Rotdee Bangkok – A great choice for lunch in Bangkok is Areesaa Lote Dee. Surprisingly, it’s a longstanding restaurant in Bangkok’s Bang lamphu neighbourhood, “Hollywood of the Past”. Tucked off the eastern end of Th Tani, Aisah Rotdee takes the form of a Thai-Muslim food court. We ordered the spectrum of classic Thai-Muslim dishes:

Khaomok (chicken and beef rice), Kaolao (meatball soup), Thai Spring Roll, Satay, Acar, Salad Kaek (vegetarian roll) and Oxtail Soup. Aisa Rot Dee is  one of the best place for to eat halal Thai food with the Melayu ancestor in Bangkok.

If you enjoy Khaomok, you won’t be disappointed with Aisah Rotdee!

Aisah Rotdee
178 Tanee Road, Bangkok
Open: 9am–4pm and 5pm–10pm

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