Almere, the World’s Most Cycle-Friendly City – As cities increasingly seek to reduce car use and encourage more sustainable forms of transport, so cycling will surely play an ever-more important role in urban life. For cycling lovers, Almere is the world’s most cycle-friendly city. In this city you find lots of cycle tracks. In the forests and nature you will find several attractive bicycle routes.

Almere’s cycle routes (red) and main car routes (black). Every dot represents an underpass (or sometimes an overpass).

Almere is the safest city for cycling in the Netherlands. The city has a network of 500 kilometres of cycle routes, mostly separated and with a surface of asphalt. People cycling on the main cycle network have priority and there are no level crossings with the main routes for motor traffic. There isn’t any place where you cycle faster or more comfortable. Many hundreds of bridges and underpasses make Almere a city without barriers.

Almere streets are quiet, clean and peaceful and seeing how cycling is part of everyone’s daily lives.


Happy Sustainable Travels!

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  1. Always excited if i can travel some places with ride a bike! We can breath the fresh air and also see some beautiful buildings around! 😀 BTW, salam kenal mas, keren blognya!

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