Amazing Indonesian Fruits

Manggis or Mangosteens (Photograph courtesy of mttsndrs) – Indonesia fruits is amazingly delicious. You should try at least once within your lifetime. It’s worth making a trip to Indonesia just to sample the tropical fruits.

Manggis (mangosteen)
Small purple fruit with white fleshy segments and fantastic flavour.

recognisable by its brown ‘snakeskin’ covering. Peel it off to reveal segments that resemble something between an apple and a walnut.

Belimbing (star fruit)
cool and crisp; slice one to see how it gets its name.

the spiky fruit people either love or hate. Spiky skin looks like a Spanish Inquisition torture tool; opening it releases the fruit’s odorous power. The flavour’s surprisingly mild, reminiscent of syllabub, but something you should try at least once within your lifetime.

Jambu air (water apple)
Pink bell-shaped fruit with crisp and refreshing flesh. Great to decorate a fruit salad.

Rambutan (Photograph courtesy by sharkgrrl)

a bright red fruit covered in soft spines; the name means ‘hairy’. Break it open to reveal a delicious white fruit similar to lychee.

Nangka (jackfruit)
an enormous, spiky fruit that can weigh over 20kg. Inside are segments of yellow, moist, sweet flesh with a slightly rubbery texture. The flesh can be eaten fresh or cooked in a curry.

Sirsak (soursop, or zurzak)
a warty, green-skinned fruit with a white, pulpy interior that has a slightly lemonish taste.

So, what are your favourite fruits to eat as you travel? Drop me a comment and let me know

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