An Interview : A Taste For Spirits

Bali’s original winery | camera Sony alpha NEX-7 – I have some very exciting headlines on the Jakarta Post to share!

A taste for spirits

Alcoholic beverages have been part of human civilization since the rise of agriculture during the Neolithic period.

The earliest evidence of an alcoholic beverage dates back 9,000 years to the ancient village of Jiahu in China’s Henan province, where the people drank a mixed fermented beverage made of rice, honey and fruit.

Indonesia too has its own traditional alcoholic beverages, …

Travel blogger and traditional spirit enthusiast Bowie Holiday said separately that it was high time for Indonesian liquor to be developed and marketed seriously.

“There’s so much potential in traditional liquor. Every region produces their own from local materials. We have a wide variety of spirits,” said the 29-year-old, whose favorite local spirits include congyang from Central Java and sagero from Maluku.

Bowie, who had visited spirit makers around Indonesia and tasted their products, said the producers of Bali wines and araks made a good start and had received global recognition.

“Liquors are also a cultural product of Indonesia. Various spirits can represent our nation in the eyes of the world.”

Read the entire interview and enjoy traditional spirit ‘drink like a local’ on the Jakarta Post.

Thank you Andreas D. Arditya (text) and the Jakarta Post for your wonderful work.

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