Autumn in the Ruins of Komoro Castle, Nagano – One of the things that we like most about autumn is going for the ruins of Komoro Castle, one of the 100 famous castles of Japan. Utilizing the natural geography, the castle was built in a uniquely narrow area in relation to the town. We love spending some time around different spots near Nagano before the first snow starts to fall. The warm days and cool nights create especially vivid colors in the foliage.

Otemon (Main Gate of the Castle)
The main gate to the castle was built in 1612 by the domain lord Hidehisa Sengoku. If counted from the castle keep, it was the 4th gate, so it is also known as “Yonnomon” (4th Gate) and “Kawara Mon” (Tiled Gate). There was a large reconstruction effort in the Heisei Period, restoring the gate as it looked in the Edo Period. It is now a national important cultural property.

Access to Komoro: Tokyo (Hokuriku Shinkansen 1hr 6min) – Karuizawa (Shinano Railway 22min) – Komoro.

Sannomon (Third Gate of the Castle)
This two-tiered gate was completed in 1615. Although destroyed by a large flood in 1742, rebuilt in 1765 and updated with holes for archers and rifles, reflecting the military needs of the period. The calligraphy “Kaikoen” on the plaque on the gate was written by lesato Tokugawa. It is also a national important cultural property.

We only need three things: a rucksack full of goods, our smartphone and comfy shoes. Here are these lovely photos which smell of castle, wood and forest.

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And now the question is, where shall we go next?


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