Baliem Valley, Fashion, & Love – The Baliem Valley, Papua – Indonesia. It’s a place where koteka (penis gourds) are not yet out of fashion, pigs can buy love, sex or both, and the hills bloom with flowers and deep purple sweet-potato fields.

Unless you land here during the August high season, when Wamena and nearby villages host a spectacular festival with pig feasts, mock wars and traditional dancing to attract the tourism buck.

And, mostly you will marvel at the mountain views, roaring rivers, tribal villages and at the tough but sweet spirit of the warm Dani people.

Then, open your map, visit, and enjoy Baliem Valley! it’s time to connect with earth, connect with the warm people, connect with the sun, connect with local music, connect with new culture, connect with local foods, and Baliem fashion.

I love the people, I love Koteka. It’s super! I feel sexy when I connect with Baliem Valley. Let’s get travel like a local!

Happy Green Travels!

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Images courtesy of Diego Vergé

Baliem Valley vol I by Diego Vergés


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