Be Berry Be Happy in Bali – Are you young, energetic, and travel junkie? are you new-lyweds who want to escape your humdrum daily life to Bali, the famous paradise? or are you a youthful small family who want to have the time of your life with your kids? You have come to the right place.

Berry hotel is the perfect venue to accommodate all of your young-driven needs. A hidden jewel, berry hotel is ideally located just a few minute away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta. It allows you to enjoy a tranquil sleepover yet it only takes a wink if you need to taste Bali’s most touristy part.

The hotel provides a comfy, traffic-free stay aimed at giving each and every visitor the closest feeling to home during their vacation.

At present there are 36 ori berry rooms, 9 pool berry rooms and 5 prime berry suites. The room sizes are 29m2 (ori and pool berry) and 32m2 (prime berry suites) – all room come with a private balcony and pool view.

The stylish and trendy accommodation offer is amenities associated with expensive hotels such as LCD tvs, free WiFi ect along with great facilities for example an out door pool, restaurant and meeting room.

The Berry Lounge is literally the heart of the hotel. Equipped with hi-speed WiFi connection. So sipping your drink while working on your project is just doable. Chill out by the BluBerry pool sipping a sweet Berry cocktail and surf the internet while you are at it.

Choosing to stay with Berry means that your days in Bali will be filled with fun berry-themed moments. Be Berry Be Happy!

Find out more info at

Jalan Dewi Sri, No. 16 Kuta – Bali
Phone 62.361.300.7070

Happy Green Travels!

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