Best Ever Travel Clothes

he’s in fashion | camera Sony NEX-7 – This isn’t a post about a place or some undiscovered attraction, no.

Now that I’m actually on the road again, it feels like I’m reaping the rewards of such a hectic year.

Travel junkies, have asked me to put my BEST EVER LIST of travel clothes. Great travel clothes are really just normal clothes that are:

01. comfortable
02. easy to wash
03. no ironing required
04. a simple style that is versatile for different occasions
05. look great
06. be of good quality
07. AND be reasonably priced for all those things

I don’t travel enough to justify a wardrobe dedicated to travel. By the way, If you have a brand, product or wardrobe that you think might be a match for Travel Junkie Indonesia. please contact Travel Junkie Indonesia here.

Ya, I am travelling slower. Sometimes spending over a week in each city we visit, and giving ourselves a month to soak in every country I set foot in. It feels good to be doing this at last! And that’s that.

Happy Sustainable Travels!

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