Between Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Jakarta With Thai Airways – Traveling with elegance is an art. Jakarta is waiting for us! Thai Airways has always been the perfect traveling companion, we have been lucky enough to travel with the brand and see amazing places and have experienced great things. Today we wanted to share some photos and videos which we made in the sky between Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Jakarta. Do you want to know more?

Smooth as silk to Bangkok! ? Reunited with my travel bae @thaiairways @tourismthailand @unwto for #AmazingThailand trip. Next stop, Jakarta! Living in words and letters ?: @lightcraftmusic ?

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Everything seems so taken-from-a-movie ‘Emanuelle in Bangkok’ that it’s hard to believe. ? by: @dcnxtr (a bangkok based electronic act that brings together the essence of dream pop infused with futuristic sounds creating a powerful and exquisite melody, combined with a dream-like voice in the midst of these synthetic sounds)

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And now the question is, where shall we go next?

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