Between Shrine of Remembrance and Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne – Travel is always a pleasure, but when you discover incredible places and learn new things, is even better. On our last trip we visited Shrine of Remembrance and Royal Botanic Garden at Birdwood Avenue, around south of Flinders Street Railway Station and Federation Square.

Shrine of Remembrance, a war memorial to the fallen soldiers of Victoria. Climb to the balcony at the top for wonderful views of the city.

The Royal Botanic Gardens is located opposite of the shrine. We just need to cross the Birdwood Avenue to reach the main gate of the gardens. As the name suggests, the site is a collection of several types of gardens, including the Australian native forest walk, roses, cacti, succulent gardens, and the collections from different countries.

Shrine of Remembrance and Botanic Gardens are must visit places in Melbourne. For better experience, a more relaxing and slower pace is recommended.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Victoria, Australia.


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