Between the Sunset, the Sea, Pawole Island and Kakara Island

Stunning view over Tobelo sunset during our travels – Once upon a time on an island of spices.

I had a really wonderful, simple, but meaningful day. The world is getting smaller every year.

April 2012, I’ve been in Tobelo, North Halmahera for Congress of the Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago. Three weeks, I figured it was about time I started to live a bit more like a local.

The Tobelo is centred on the largest town in Halmahera Island. The town itself is also called Tobelo, and is a major transport hub for north-eastern Halmahera – but pretty it isn’t.

However the surrounding area is more attractive with fine beaches, pretty off-shore islands, jungle-clad hills and a volcano.

@minasstra @taleaboutnomad @dianonno and I on the boat

@aluta8 or Adrian Mulya with the sunset and the sea

Here, we were in between the Sunset, the Sea, Pawole Island and Kakara Island. It was FREAKING AMAZING!!!

Pawole Island, privately-owned, uninhabited little Pawole is our favourite island in this group. It is circled by the finest white-sand beaches and has great, diverse reefs with a drop-off for snorkelling.

And, Kakara Island is the next island behind Kumo. It is most famous for its traditional hibualamo house, standing right by the jetty on the shore. However, it has more to offer: a large, mangrove-fringed inlet just in front of the village, fine beaches on the backside of the island facing the open sea, and even some good reefs off the south-eastern point looking towards Tagalaya.

enjoy the sunset and the sea of Tobelo

I love warm, tropical loveland, culture. With friends. Food and drink. The weather was SPECTACULAR!

And it was nice to hang out, completely forget about our responsibilities, and enjoy Tobelo sunset.

It was so much wonderful!

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