Boat Schedule to Togean Islands – The ideal combination of beautiful beaches and coral reefs with amazing people from Togean. Eastern Indonesia Truly Oceania! — Togean The word comes from the local language means “Togo ian” – three brothers whos originally came to the island from South Sulawesi. One of them stayed on Una-Una, the second on Batudaka and third on Togean.

So, what are you waiting for? here are boat schedule to Togean Islands :

1). From Ampana to Togean Islands (Wakai – Katupat – Malenge) is every monday, tuesday, wednesday, & saturday leaves at 10.00 AM

2). From Togean islands (Malenge – Katupat – Wakai) to Ampana is every sunday, tuesday, & thursday leaves from Malenge at 06.00 AM

3). From Ampana to Wakai and then to Gorontalo is every sunday & thursday leaves at 10.00 AM, then from Wakai to Gorontalo leaves at 04.00 PM

4). From Gorontalo to Wakai and then to Ampana is every tuesday & friday leaves from Gorontalo at 05.00 PM & will arrive the next day on Wakai at 07.00 AM and then go down to Ampana & leaves at 10.00 AM

5). From Ampana to Bomba is every sunday, tuesday, and friday leaves at 09.00 AM

6). From Bomba to Ampana is every monday, thursday, and saturday leaves at 09.00 AM

Other Option

1). From Marisa to Kadidiri island : Charter Speedboat for Rp 2,500,000 capacity 6 persons max (3 hours)

2). From Ampana to Kadidiri Island : Charter Boat for Rp 1,600,000 capacity 15 people max (5 hours).

3). From Ampana to Wakai : Charter Katingting Boat for Rp 800.000

Happy Green Travels!

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  1. If only I found this website, prior to visiting Togian Islands last year…we’d have save a lot of money and time. It was a huge effort and hassle to get to Ampana to Bomba (during Aidil Fitri) but we managed it! Thanks for the information regardless. Your information will help a lot of keen explorers.

  2. Does anyone have tips on boats Bomba-Wakai or Wakai Melenge?



  3. Could you give me the fastest way to go from Gorontalo to Una Una, and the days and hours?
    I’l getting lost with all the different article I’ve rod so far.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your info about Togean! 🙂

    Can you please share what is the boat that provides route from Bomba – Ampana?
    I couldn’t find this info anywhere. Need the price too. Thanks a lot!

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